Case Study

Mary Washington Healthcare

Learn how Mary Washington Healthcare improved communication and workflows with TigerConnect.

Mary Washington Healthcare Case Study Preview

TigerConnect's Pager Replacement Solution for Mary Washington Healthcare improves communication and physician workflows.

Mary Washington Healthcare improved physician collaboration, workflow efficiency, and care quality by switching from inefficient, antiquated pagers and landline phones to a unified, mobile clinical communication solution.

Although pager use was ingrained in physician workflows, TigerConnect was rapidly adopted and message volume has continued to climb since implementation—metrics Mary Washington Healthcare has been able to track through TigerConnect’s reporting and analytics capabilities. Clarity and promptness of communication have improved thanks to physicians being able to contact each other directly and communicate in real-time, enhancing collaboration and the delivery speed of patient care.

Due to the success with physicians, Mary Washington Healthcare is planning to integrate TigerConnect with its electronic health record (EHR) system and expand the clinical communications platform to include nurses and other clinical staff for larger care team-based group collaborations.

Mary Washington Healthcare Case Study Preview