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Healthcare Communication for the 21st Century — A New Way to Connect

If you’re a doctor or nurse, or anyone else caring for patients, you are living in two worlds at once – the new and the old. The new world is cool, and your “phone” is at the center – you’re sharing photos and videos, messaging friends, and even summoning a ride.

Then you arrive at work and the old world is very much alive, courtesy of old technology, systems, and protocols. Granted, they’re critical to a business where lives are on the line. But when time spent on drudgery eclipses time spent actually caring for patients, you know the old world is not cool at all. At TigerConnect, solving this challenge is our mission.

To get there, we’re modernizing the way doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and patients communicate. We’ve combined the cool usability of instant messaging with the serious security, privacy, and workflow requirements of healthcare. A single platform where care teams and patients can connect instantly and easily.