TigerConnect is poised on the verge of transformative growth

The technology industry, where I have spent my entire career, is in the business of selling solutions – solving business-related challenges like helping a company process forms more efficiently or making end-users more productive. I have loved being a part of companies creating real customer value for the last 25 years. Joining TigerConnect as their CMO, though, feels different and exciting in a new way: I’m joining a team that’s driving real, meaningful change in people’s lives – solving a set of interlocking problems that have affected the way healthcare gets delivered across the United States.

I have experienced the healthcare industry as both a patient and a concerned relative. While I can attest to the extraordinary professionalism on display in the field every day, I can also see an incredible opportunity to transform these high-stress workplaces and their outdated communication modes. Even without COVID, the traditional pager- and fax-based approach to handling patient care was resulting in high costs, suboptimal delivery of care, and staff burnout. The pandemic has greatly exacerbated the situation. This is where TigerConnect is stepping up and offering a better way for caregivers to connect – with each other, with patients, with data – so care happens faster and more seamlessly.

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Modernizing Care Collaboration at Scale

As a tech industry vet, what attracted me most to TigerConnect is the way we’re modernizing care collaboration at scale. So much of healthcare happens in silos, but seeing how we connect tens of thousands of users across entire health systems was immediately intriguing. Learning further how this directly impacts patient outcomes while reducing costs was an added draw, but it was my conversations with TigerConnect CEO and co-founder Brad Brooks that convinced me I needed to be a part of this innovative company and culture.

And the timing for joining a company like TigerConnect couldn’t be better. The healthcare strictures of the pandemic have highlighted another serious issue in care delivery, which is the struggle to keep family members informed about a patient’s status. This is an issue I can relate to on a deeply personal level — just in the last two months, I have experienced the healthcare industry as both a patient undergoing routine orthopedic surgery and a concerned relative as COVID almost took the life of a family member. I can attest to the inefficiencies and stress suboptimal communications have on those anxiously arranging care and advocating for a loved one during this intense public health crisis. In this context, TigerConnect facilitates a new, high level of communication between doctors, nurses, and family members. It’s a very welcome change in the status quo, and I’m truly proud to be part of it.

Accelerated Adoption of Telehealth Technology

Finally, the pandemic has also accelerated the adoption of telehealth technology. What might have been a decade-long transition to widespread telemedicine happened in six months. It’s now a firm reality, one that many doctors and patients actually seem to prefer. However, making virtual care work is a pretty big technology challenge. I’m excited to say TigerConnect is making an impact on this front as well with transformational technology built right alongside the collaboration platforms for front-line workers.

Ultimately, I chose to become part of the TigerConnect team because I feel confident the company is on the verge of transformative growth. I’ve been in this place before, a moment of convergence when market forces and innovative technology come together to change the dynamics of an entire industry. It’s an exciting time to be joining the team.

Keep an eye out here for updates from me as TigerConnect and I grow together!

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