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Nurse’s Ultimate Guide to Alarm Fatigue Interventions

Everything you need to know about alarm fatigue and burnout in nursing, and what hospitals can do to make nurses’ jobs easier.

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Best Practices for Staff Communication from Cross Creek Hospital

TigerConnect joins Behavioral Health Business and Cross Creek Hospital to uncover the impact of optimized clinical communication behavioral health settings
HOSTED BY: Brandon Willis, Director of Clinical Services at Cross Creek Hospital, and Tyler Peterson, Product Marketing Manager at TigerConnect
DATE: Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023

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Blog Articles

The Cost of EHR Downtime

Unplanned EHR downtimes in today’s digital healthcare setting are a painful reality that can severely impact patient safety, reputation, customer service, and trust. TigerConnect has 99.995% uptime, ensuring that care teams and support staff always have a reliable solution to support their workflows and keep communication flowing, even during scheduled or unscheduled EHR downtime.

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How STAT Labs Elevate Emergency Treatment

Every second counts in the emergency department (ED), and a quick and accurate diagnosis is often the key to saving lives. …

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How to Improve Perioperative Patient and Family Communication

Undergoing surgery can be a stressful experience for patients and their families as they navigate the ins and outs of …

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How to Decrease Reimbursement Denials with Better Case Manager and Provider Communication

It goes without saying that case managers are an integral part of the healthcare ecosystem. Case managers communicate about multiple …

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Client Success Stories

Aegis Homecare and Hospice

Aegis Homecare and Hospice used TigerConnect to facilitate seamless communication within the entire organization, ensuring information flow regarding patient status. Aegis achieved higher HCAHPS scores and increased family satisfaction through centralized clinical communication and collaboration.

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Floor-to-Floor Transfers Workflow Comparison

See how hospitals can decrease patient length of stay and time to transfer using TigerConnect.

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The Art of Resident Scheduling: How Chief Residents Handle the Challenge

In this episode of The Connected Care Team podcast, Mohammed Shaik, MD, PhD and Brittney Newby, MD, PhD, pediatric chief residents at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, share the challenges of balancing manual resident scheduling with physician wellness and discuss AI’s potential applications in medicine.

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