Eliminate Physician Scheduling Complications

Ditch the spreadsheets with TigerConnect.
TigerConnect automates physician scheduling –saving you time, increasing staff productivity, and reducing burnout. It’s today’s perfect solution for hospitals, clinics, and ambulatory practices.

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The User-Friendly App for Administrators, Doctors, and Residents

TigerConnect slashes scheduling times for administrators– and makes it easy for physicians to view assignments, request time off, or swap shifts via mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Mobile Time-Off Requests

TigerConnect makes requesting time off as simple as using a mobile app.

Clickable Calendars

With one tap, physicians can check their schedules on any given day.

Tally Reports

With TigerConnect, it's easy to verify that staff is assigned fairly, including tallies for days off and holidays.

Join the Thousands of Providers Who Trust TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

We were able to take scheduling to a whole new level. At the clinic, we use it for providers on call and for tracking who’s physically in the building. Now we know who’s here, who’s off, who’s here for half of a day, basically anything we need to know about the provider’s schedule.
Pam Miller, Director of Operations, Alomere Health

We'll Walk with You Every Step of the Way

Our experienced scheduling agents will take you through set-up, configuration, and scheduling, whether you’re remote or in the office. Then our dedicated team will keep working with you to ensure your success.

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