Workplace Texting: Can it Replace Email?

By: Tara Seals; March 31, 2015 (Featured on Unified Communications)

Despite the typical image of texting in the workplace (distracted, bored office workers sending short but constant messages to BFFs and love interests), it turns out that mobile’s biggest messaging success story has evolved into a tool for productivity. The question is, where does it go from here?

That’s according to a recent TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard survey, which found that 72 percent of employees use texting as a workplace messaging tool. Of that number, 71 percent text colleagues, while 20 percent use it to keep in touch with customers and 15 percent do so with partners.

Clearly, there are some obvious use cases where business texting makes more than good sense. But does it make enough sense to become a viable alternative to email? Let’s consider the evidence…

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