How To `Undo’ The Nighmare Of Sending a Wrong Email

By: Reema Gowalla; July 3, 2015 (Featured in The Times of India)

One wrong email to the wrong person (or an accidental reply-all) in the morning can make you wallow in misery for the rest of the day. While many in the corporate world consider communicating through emails a better way to express one’s thoughts, in the heat of the moment, a misjudged missive could ruin everything. The horror of sending embarrassing emails can not only wreck your peace of mind but also land you in awkward situations among colleagues or may even win you a pink slip if things turn abysmal. In an attempt to fence the unfurling of such cringe-worthy tales, a popular email provider has introduced the `undo send’ button that allows a `rethinking-period’ of up to 30 seconds, when you can quickly pull back an awry email riddled with typos or pun-intended (perhaps, entertaining) notes after you have dispatched prematurely…

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