TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard Survey Reveals Three Quarters of Employees Use Texting for Work Purposes

By: James Bourne; February 12, 2015 (Featured on Enterprise Apps Tech)

Almost three quarters (72%) of employees surveyed by secure mobile messaging provider TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard say they use texting as a workplace messaging tool.

The more than 500 executives polled say they overwhelmingly text colleagues, with 254 (71% of respondents) citing this as a primary option. 20% of respondents said they primarily text customers, while 15% said partners.

Of those who don’t text for work, 11% say it’s because it doesn’t add value or they don’t want to, while the remaining 17% said their employer bans it. A quarter of respondents say their work texts contain confidential information. The vast majority (75%) text general messages or day to day activities, while 44% text over images and 25% send files…

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