TigerText and Manage Mobility Partner to Provide HIPAA Compliant Mobile Solution

Gives Health Care Providers the Speed and Convenience of Mobile Messaging While Protecting Patient Privacy

September 1, 2011 (Los Angeles, CA) – TigerText, the global leader in private and controlled mobile messaging applications and platform solutions, today announced a partnership with Manage Mobility, the award-winning, national telecommunications management, and logistics firm based in Alpharetta, Georgia. The partnership will allow Manage Mobility to offer its diverse group of Healthcare, Financial and Retail services customers TigerText’s unique solution to the growing privacy risk inherent in mobile messaging communication.

“Mobile messaging is pervasive in every aspect of the business. With TigerText, Manage Mobility is now able to offer our customers an alternative to the lack of privacy and security found in today’s SMS.” said Mike McGuire, President, and CEO of Manage Mobility. “For example, in the next year, many of our customers will upgrade their networking and communication systems to ensure HIPAA compliance. This partnership between Manage Mobility and TigerText offers them a one-stop solution to protect their customers and prevent HIPAA violations in their mobile communications.”

“It makes perfect sense for us to partner with Manage Mobility,” added TigerText President and Co-Founder Brad Brooks. “TigerText and Manage Mobility offer the ideal combination to complement any large mobile communications network. Companies in healthcare, finance, and elsewhere are facing the reality of employees who are compelled to rely on the speed and flexibility of mobile messaging for their everyday work. But keeping those professional communications protected is essential. Together with Manage Mobility, we can reach a wide audience and provide a much-needed solution to that problem.” TigerText allows businesses to launch a private mobile messaging network and companywide communications system on top of the mobile network provisioning and product management provided by Manage Mobility. Launch integration is minimal with a flexible set of communication controls that can be custom set and administered by each individual business’s needs. Time to launch can literally be weeks as opposed to months.

About Manage Mobility

Manage Mobility is a national management and logistics firm providing fully-customized telecom solutions. End users range from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to small business and public sector accounts. Manage Mobility combines hardware, software, M2M solutions, telecom expense management tools and system integration to offer customers one point of contact for all their telecom needs. Visit them online at www.managemobility.com.

About TigerText

TigerText is the global leader in next-generation private and controlled mobile messaging networks. TigerText gives any businesses ultimate communication control over the messages they and their employees send, with features such as; Self Deleting Messages (both on sender and receiver handsets), Message Recall, and Forward Lock. TigerText allows Hospitals and Physician groups to create their own HIPAA-compliant mobile messaging network for physicians, nurses, and administrators. TigerText is HIPAA- and SOX-compliant and works on cellular and WiFi networks. Customers include large hospitals, financial services companies and large business networks. Please visit us at tigerconnect.com/

TigerText is available worldwide to anyone with an Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Windows 7 mobile device.

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