TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard Makes a Change with New Freemium Version

By: Dawn-Marie Januzzi | October 4, 2013 (Featured on Right Startups)

TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard is a secure SMS platform service that is aimed at servicing the enterprise market. Previously they had two versions, the free consumer version, and the paid enterprise version. They have made a shift with the new combined freemium version, leaving only one app for users to download, and the availability for enterprises to upgrade to the premium service giving them control over their network. Having paid control measures provides the enterprise company to control which members are included in their network, code messages with a security pin, or setting messages to expire after a certain time period.

With the popularity of texting, even enterprises have begun to realize that it can be a much faster method for reaching employees and thereby bypassing the slower coverage of email. The other big change the app has undergone is that the app now has a web version to allow users to use the platform via mobile, desktop or tablet.

The freemium version will allow users to use the secure file sending, message recall, delivery and read receipts. But the paid version is where the control of the network comes into play, allowing users to separate business and personal texts. It offers enterprises employee tracking for productivity, data retention, and LDAP sync. Admins can lock people in or out of the network on the fly, which is helpful when letting an employee go suddenly. The app allows for users to use either a company-supplied device, or their own to service the many BYOD businesses, and can secure messages by requiring a pin, or a time frame for the message to be deleted from the network.

* TigerConnect’s TigerText Essentials®, TigerFlow®, TigerFlow+ Plus®, TigerSchedule®, TigerTouch® and TigerTouch+ Plus® products are now called TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform (Standard, Pro & Advanced), Physician Scheduling, and Patient Engagement. Please contact us for more information.