TigerText Introduces $1 Million Guarantee Against HIPAA Violations

Market leader stands behind its service by providing the Industry’s first compliance guarantee.

 SANTA MONICA, CA (March 31, 2014) – TigerText, the leader in secure, real-time messaging for the enterprise, today announced it will indemnify customers for up to $1 million against fines resulting from violations of HIPAA’s technical safeguards that may arise from sending and receiving confidential and protected health information (PHI) via the TigerText app.

 “At TigerText our number one priority is to keep patient data safe. It is imperative that our customers comply with HIPAA secure messaging regulations and we will guarantee they meet this requirement,” said Brad Brooks, TigerText co-founder and CEO. “That’s why today we are introducing the industry’s first Million Dollar Compliance Guarantee. No other secure texting vendor stands by their solution to this level, which is just one more way TigerText protects you and your patients.”

In 2011, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) banned physicians from using traditional SMS texting for any communication that contains PHI. According to the American Medical Association, a single violation for an unsecured communication can result in a fine of $50,000.  Repeated violations can lead to $1.5 million in fines in a single year, not to mention the reputational damage done to an organization and its ability to attract patients in the aftermath of a violation.

Protecting patient information is a top priority at Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, and TigerText’s million dollar guarantee gives us enormous peace of mind as an organization,” said Gene Thomas, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Memorial. “In addition to keeping PHI secure, TigerText helps us improve our care teams’ productivity so it’s truly a win-win.”

Using TigerText, nurses and physicians are able to quickly communicate sensitive information with ease, without violating HIPAA regulations. Accessible via smartphones, tablets, and desktops, TigerText allows enterprises to embrace text messaging with its HIPAA compliant application and secure messaging platform. With its easy-to-use interface, organizations that deploy TigerText see high adoption rates and improved communication within their workforce, ultimately leading to improved patient safety and physician satisfaction.


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