TigerText Eliminates Sender’s Remorse with New Mobile Messaging App

New app brings unprecedented control and social features to mobile messaging; lets people recall misdirected texts

SANTA MONICA, CA – June 15, 2011 – TigerText, the only mobile messaging platform that gives people complete control over their conversations, today has launched a new iOS application that combines the social nature of group messaging with TigerText’s signature control features. The new iPhone app gives the sender complete control over their messages in the group and one-to-one conversations, even down to the ability to recall a message at any time. Users can create unlimited groups of recipients, each with different privacy control settings, such as the ability to define the lifespan of a message and prevent messages from being forwarded. The app is based on TigerText’s belief that social sharing should be possible without sacrificing privacy, and that individual control is the key.

“Our digital footprint grows with every post we make and every message we send. With traditional mobile messaging, the sender relinquishes control of their message the minute they press send. That message lives on forever on other people’s phones and on the many servers it passes through on its journey. At TigerText, our mission is to give that control back,” said Jeffrey Evans, TigerText CEO and co-founder. “We turned the notion of control on its head, letting the sender decide who can see a message, prevent it from being forwarded, and determine how long it lives. We also hope the new message recall function will prevent some of those ‘Oops, I just sent that I-hate-my-job text to my boss by mistake’ moments.”

With 5 trillion text messages sent in 2009[i] and the number climbing year over year, text messaging is one of the fastest-growing forms of digital communication. Yet, it is also the least managed, creating an environment where the chance of private messages being made public is only getting greater. With TigerText, people can now share their personal thoughts, data, and pictures freely in one-to-one or group conversations.

TigerText’s new mobile messaging application enables people to:

  • Create and manage groups easily: Create new groups and add or delete individuals from groups with one simple and intuitive drag-and-drop. TigerText’s group messages have the same level of control and confirmation as any one-on-one conversation
  • Recall messages: Recall messages with typos, mistakes or just because. Messages can be recalled from the recipient’s phone before or after they are read.
  • Control the lifespan of a message: The lifespan of messages can be tailored for each conversation or contact; expired messages are completely erased from all phones and servers
  • Determine who receives the message: TigerText messages cannot be forwarded to other recipients
  • Keep their identity private: A TigerText username is created so that users can keep their mobile phone numbers, email addresses and names private if they want
  • Confirm message delivery: Real-time notifications let users know when a message is received, opened or even when a phone is turned off
  • Navigate with ease: The interactive, intuitive and easy-to-navigate app features a picture-based friend list, organized by the individuals and groups that are most frequently messaged, and conversations with soon-to-expire messages
  • Message anywhere, anytime: TigerText works on WiFi and cell phone provider networks; TigerText users can send an unlimited amount of messages for free

The new TigerText iOS app is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad, and iPod Touch and is now available free at the iTunes app store and TigerText.com. The new TigerText product will also be available for Android-powered devices in the coming weeks. Previous versions of TigerText are available for Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7 devices, and these users can message others on the TigerText platform no matter what device they use.

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