TigerText Messaging App Adds Secure File Sharing via Dropbox Integration

By: BrothaTech | July 17, 2012 (Featured on PCMag.com)

Whether a concerned consumer, security nut, or one of these guys, it’s understandable to be concerned about the security of content sent via smartphone. TigerText, an app that prides itself on secure mobile messaging has added safe file sharing via Dropbox integration.

TigerText (pun intended, I hope) was built on the idea of sharing secure messages. Features include Confirmed received, and read message indicators, non-sharable photos and tap to hold to view photos, and my favorite: Self-destructing messages that visually disappear after the message is confirmed ‘read’.

TigerText has stepped up its game and added secure file sharing via Drop that will allow users to tap their Dropbox accounts to encrypt and share files with the added security options like setting a lifespan for a file, and the ability to recall a file attachment at any time

According to the TigerText blog, the co-founders came up with the idea when one of them left a dinner meeting without picking up the tap. What followed was a brainstorming session to figure out the most secure way to send credit card information.

The use-cases are endless, so if you need a more secure way to send messages and share files via your smartphone, check out the latest TigerText for iPhone (Android & BlackBerry coming soon), and let us know what you think.

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