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By: Jason Barry | February 13, 2011 (Featured on CBS 5)

Keeping your secrets safe is the idea behind a new cell phone service that lets you send text messages that will self destruct as soon as they’re read. “If I’m texting my wife, that’s a text for my wife,” said Andrew Miller of Tempe. “It’s not a text for somebody else. If I text my buddy, it’s for my buddy not for other people.”

If I’m texting my wife, that’s a text for my wife,” said Andrew Miller of Tempe. “It’s not a text for somebody else. If I text my buddy, it’s for my buddy not for other people.”

The public got a taste of just how public text messages can become with the recent sex scandal involving Tiger Woods.
Now there’s a way to keep those text messages on your cell phone private.

A company called Tiger Text has created a new messaging system that allows users to send texts that will vanish from both the sender and receiver’s phones after a select period of time.

The sender can make the message self-destruct within a month, an hour, even a minute by simply choosing an option on their smartphone.

Ken Colburn with Data Doctors said that Tiger Text appears to be a great tool for unfaithful husbands and wives, but there are actually a lot more productive applications, according to Colburn.

“The reality is, there are lots of reasons besides cheating on your spouse to have discreet communications,” said Colburn. “Certainly in the corporate world and anybody in law enforcement.”

Healthcare is another possible benefit for Tiger Texting, according to the company’s website. Not only can doctors send test results to their patients faster, but hospital physicians can share patient information immediately through HIPAA-compliant texting without having to consult a chart, said company officials. “I think it’s a great idea because if it self-destructs then you don’t have to worry about that falling into the wrong hands,” Miller said.

The creators of Tiger Text insist that the name of their new message service is not in any way related to the scandal surrounding Tiger Woods. The application is available free of charge to any iPhone, Blackberry or Android device, however, the sender and receiver both need to have the service.

To learn more about keeping your text messages a secret got to tigerconnect.com
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