Technology and Plastic Surgery: Potential Pitfalls for Patient Confidentiality and Proposed Solutions

By: Patel, Ashit M.B.Ch.B.; Motakef, Saba M.D.; Ingargiola, Michael J. M.D.; Chung, Michael T. M.D.; Gupta, Subhas C. M.D., Ph.D.; June 26, 2015 (Featured on the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons)

Technological advances have been embraced by the medical profession and lauded for their potential to facilitate communication, consultation, and coordinated patient care. These technologies are especially useful in plastic surgery. Images have long been a critical means by which plastic surgeons are able to document, evaluate, and communicate patient information. Digital imaging and mobile Internet have greatly simplified the sharing of this information. At hospitals across the nation, computers, tablets, and smartphones are used daily to discuss patient care and exchange images and other data…

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