Secret Texting… Pass It On

By: Lauren Schuker | February 4, 2011 (Featured on The Wall Street Journal)

A new messaging service aims to keep your secrets safe. TigerText Inc., which can send texts that vanish from both the sender and receiver’s phone after a select period of time so they can’t be copied or forwarded, has developed a niche following among celebrities trying to keep their lives private.

About half a million people have downloaded the service, which was started in February 2010 by four Los Angeles businessmen. To use it, both the sender and receiver must have the app, which is available free for iPhones, Android and BlackBerry devices, among a variety of others.

In addition to consumers, companies in industries such as health care and banking are turning to TigerText’s enterprise version, which costs $10 per employee each month. The Santa Monica, Calif., company says it is also working on a service that will allow users to send self-deleting videos and documents through the mobile app, too.

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