Creating an Integrated Healthcare Ecosystem Through Mobile Communication Technology

By Brad Brooks, CEO of TigerConnect, originally posted in Healthcare Financial Management Association

Healthcare delivery is a highly mobile activity: Physicians, nurses, and ancillary care staff are constantly on the move. To communicate and access the data they need to deliver safe and effective care, providers often must do even more walking, usually to a computer workstation, telephone, or hallway, but nearly always further away from the patient.

This constant, often unproductive, movement occurs because the workflows and systems in today’s healthcare environment in all too many cases were neither developed from a holistic standpoint nor optimized for the increasingly complex phases and treatments a patient undergoes in a typical hospital stay. Healthcare finance professionals understand the costs of this nonproductive mobility: Longer care delays, slower patient throughput, fewer patients treated per day, increased time spent on nonclinical tasks, growing patient dissatisfaction, and potential medical errors cost hospitals and health systems millions of dollars a year.

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