Advanced Communications and Collaboration: The Next Step in Healthcare Modernization

Published in Healthcare Business News, March 10, 2023

While the healthcare industry has undergone a vast digital modernization when it comes to data collection and storage, there’s still much left to improve when it comes to communication and collaboration.

Although new tools, like Clinical Communication and Collaboration (CC&C) platforms, are available, they are not widely used throughout the healthcare system. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 40% of healthcare providers are still using paging systems as a means of care team communication. But pagers are largely uni-directional and virtually devoid of any context. Additionally, they can contribute to alert fatigue which is, in turn, a huge contributor to staff burnout.

HIPAA-compliance clinical communication and collaboration tools could be the key to getting rid of outdated tools like pagers and modernizing the way healthcare teams communicate between themselves and with patients.

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