Achieving Secure Messaging

By: Chris Haupt | Posted August 7, 2013 (Featured on Industry View – Healthcare IT Insights)

I recently had the pleasure of speaking in a webinar with Dr. Andrew A. Brooks, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard. In the webinar, “Achieving Secure Messaging as Part of a Mobility Strategy,” we discussed how compliance and security play an important role in all aspects of healthcare mobility, including messaging. We then highlighted how a secure messaging platform can serve as a desirable alternative to texting or paging.

As we pointed out, according to, nearly three-quarters of all physicians in the U.S. use their smartphones at work. Yet according to, the average organization had nearly five mobile device data breaches during the past two years. This — along with the tight scrutiny providers are under regarding HIPAA compliance in communication — underscores why there’s a real need for a better, more secure method of communication among healthcare professionals.

A secure messaging platform can afford providers an encrypted HIPAA-compliant vehicle to send and receive messages, as well as the ability to remove messages from devices should they be lost or stolen.

What else can secure messaging provide healthcare organizations?
Hear more about what Dr. Brooks and I had to say on the topic of secure messaging by clicking here.
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