9 Enterprise Apps for the Apple Watch

By: Jon Evans; May 11, 2015 (Featured on Connecting Technology Blog)

Application developers are already rushing to create enterprise products for the recently launched Apple Watch. Here is our rundown on the nine enterprising apps that could be in the workplace soon.


Secure messaging service, TigerText, has introduced its own Apple Watch app. The app lets users securely preview, read and send secure messages in real-time, as well as dictate message replies. Speech-to-text is also supported. Users can also see when a message has been sent, delivered and read. Critically, the TigerText Apple Watch app is also a fully HIPAA-compliant SaaS platform for secure communication, which means it is suitable for sending sensitive information.  “Wearable technology is going to see a boom in popularity, and the Apple Watch will be the first to revolutionize this trend,” said Brad Brooks, co-founder and CEO of TigerText…

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