5 Reasons Why Communication Breaks Down During Care Transitions

By Brad Brooks, CEO of TigerConnect, Originally posted in Medical Economics

Office-based primary care physicians (PCPs) often bear the brunt of responsibility for ensuring their patients avoid readmission after transitioning from a hospital or post-acute care facility. In many cases, however, preventable readmissions are a result of communication breakdowns between the hospital and the physicians in the community.

With so many hospitals and health systems still relying on faxes and phone calls to convey discharge information, it’s a wonder why breakdowns don’t happen more often. As a result, many hospitals and health systems are implementing integrated, mobile clinical communication platforms that allow office-based physicians to use secure smartphone-based apps to collaborate and share data in real-time.

The following are five common reasons communication breaks down during care transitions and how clinical communication platforms can help solve these issues.

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