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Clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) systems coordinate activities and data flow between clinicians, nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals. CC&C software securely integrates with clinical systems like EHR software (supplementing existing patient data with additional documents, images, and messaging), medical staff scheduling software (providing visibility about the availability of on-campus and on-call staff), and healthcare IT systems (enhancing workflow and improving care transitions).
Momentum scores for Clinical Communication and Collaboration are shown below. The Momentum Grid® highlights each product’s Momentum score on the vertical axis and the product’s Satisfaction score on the horizontal axis. These scores are based on G2’s Satisfaction and Momentum algorithms. Products with a top 25% Momentum Grid® score are shown within the shaded area below.

What sets the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform apart?

  • High uptime reliability (99.99%+ uptime)
  • Advanced integration capabilities
  • Fast implementation, simple user experience
  • Deployment at scale

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