Wishing everyone a Happy Nurse Appreciation Week!

05.06.16 TigerConnect Healthcare
Wishing everyone a Happy Nurse Appreciation Week!

Today is the first day of Nurse Appreciation Week 2016 and we at TigerText want to take the time to acknowledge all of the incredible work nurses do, everyday.

Working day-to-day with hospitals and other healthcare organizations, we see first hand just how much every process relies on the skill, care, poise and talents of nurses. They are the frontline of patient care and the hub of communication and workflow. From receiving patients to administering tests and medications, and watching for changes in a patient’s condition, nurses do it all with compassion and true concern for the patients they help.

And because we understand the critical role nurses play in a patient’s care, one of our top priorities is to help them communicate better with doctors and other members of the care team. We want to help nurses get the responses they need — faster. Because we know no matter how much we appreciate the work nurses do, often what nurses would appreciate most is a fast answer to their question, so they can provide better care for their patients. And getting home on time isn’t so bad either.

In honor of Nurse Appreciation Week, TigerText will be giving away a $250 American Express gift card to one lucky person who downloads our app from now until Florence Nightingale’s birthday on May 12, 2016.