Why TigerConnect is the Type of Company Where You Want to Intern

Why TigerConnect is the Type of Company Where You Want to Intern

While driving to the TigerConnect office for my first day, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was prepared to do any intern task: coffee runs, making copies, etc, for the chance to learn a little more about Marketing. I quickly would find out there would be no coffee runs, or making copies, just endless learning experiences as I dove into the Marketing world. What makes TigerConnect so special has to do with communication in the workplace, a great company culture, and the continuous learning opportunities.

The mission of TigerConnect is to transform communication and this is apparent in the workplace. The company comes together every Monday for the “All Hands” meeting. During this meeting, they give company updates, allow for questions, congratulate employee anniversaries, and even the CEO, Brad Brooks will stop by with an inspirational message. Not many interns can say they met with and talked to the company’s CEO once a week. On my second day in office, I went with the Marketing team to an off-site to collaborate. We spent time learning about personality types within the team and key takeaways about each type to help promote communication. This was an awesome way to be introduced to the team I would be working with!

Web Intern Stefanie Nunez explains, “TigerConnect has been a very open environment to ask questions. I’ve never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed to ask something because everyone is so friendly and non-judgmental. Having the ability to communicate so easily in the office is very important and really leads to quicker solutions and understanding.” At my desk, in the open office layout, I can hear people constantly brainstorming ideas with each other and asking questions. I often listen in on these conversations just to hear the common questions and struggles a marketing person runs into. Communication at this company exceeded my expectations.

TigerConnect has a lot of company perks. Each week they have planned activities and events. During my second week, all the interns went to an escape room, the third week we went to a team soul cycle class, and cool dinners too. I ate at my first LA food truck, thanks to the company’s food truck Wednesdays and was not disappointed with my Korean barbeque tacos! There’s no need for intern coffee runs because there are Keurigs, espresso machines, and a hidden fancy coffee shop across the lot. Android intern Adam Ali’s favorite perk is “How nice the people are,” (besides the great food of course!). He goes on to say, “This company sets a high bar for how it treats its people.” TigerConnect’s company mission attracts people who care about other people. Being in a workplace that is pushing for not just change but a change that makes people’s lives better is extremely rewarding and in my opinion the greatest perk!

Most importantly, every day I was met with new learning opportunities all from highly experienced individuals. I got to sit in on weekly Marketing meetings discussing timelines and goals. I went to the marketing team off-site and took 8 pages of notes. I learned more in that one off-site meeting about Marketing than I did in my entire introductory Marketing class in college. I was given the opportunity by my boss to not only check out marketing tasks but to write this blog, check out the inventory and what goes into event planning, monitor the social media accounts, shadow PR people, and watch the engineers code new features during the Hackathon. I learned far more than I expected. I was given the chance to actually determine if Marketing is what I really want to do, and also learn about a few other jobs too. Being an innovative technology company, TigerConnect is continuously evolving, growing and pushing all employees to learn and improve things for the better.

My time here at TigerConnect, while short, has been more than fulfilling. It’s rare as an intern to find a learning opportunity like this one. I’m thankful to the TigerConnect family for welcoming me with open arms and immersing me in the world of marketing within the Healthcare system.

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