Who TigerConnect Follows Online and Why You Should, Too (Part 1)

Who TigerConnect Follows Online and Why You Should, Too (Part 1)

At this year’s Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference, the topics of digital transformation and innovation took center stage, leading to many inspiring and insightful conversations with thought leaders and innovators from across the industry. We left the conference energized from many of the discussions we had and presentations we attended exploring the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

As the healthcare technology world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with these emerging trends as well as the most daunting and complex challenges facing the industry. Keeping up with healthcare’s top thought leaders, innovators and influencers is a key place to start.

Even though we at TigerConnect are healthcare delivery and health IT experts, we never stop listening or learning from other thought leaders in our industry. The following list outlines some of these key influencers we follow here at TigerConnect who are at the forefront of where healthcare and technology is heading.

Part 1 of our list is below.

Justin Barnes

Justin Barnes, social media influencer

  • About Justin: Justin is a healthcare innovation executive, corporate advisor, and industry strategist with a background in large corporations, startups, and Silicon Valley innovation. He is chairman emeritus of the HIMSS EHR Association, co-founder of the Health Innovation Think Tank, and hosts the weekly syndicated radio show “This Just In” that airs on Healthcare Radio and Business Radio X.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Justin: He is leading change in healthcare technology and communicating innovation.
  • Connect with Justin: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

Lyle Berkowitz, M.D.

Lyle Berkowitz, social media influencer

  • About Dr. Berkowitz: Lyle Berkowitz, M.D. is a physician and healthcare information technology entrepreneur. He initiated the Szollosi Healthcare Innovation Program at Northwestern, which allowed him to learn a new skill set of human-centered design thinking and understanding.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Dr. Berkowitz: He is innovating the healthcare transformation and informatics space.
  • Connect with Dr. Berkowitz: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

Mandi Bishop

Mandi Bishop, social media influencer

  • About Mandi: Mandi Bishop is a research director with an expertise in enabling new payer business models through digitalization and modernization initiatives.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Mandi: Her unique observations and insight into latest healthcare industry trends that empower healthcare CIOs.
  • Connect with Mandi: Twitter, LinkedIn

Bob Brown

Bob Brown, social media influencer

  • About Bob: Bob Brown is a health information strategist who brings many years of experience to the world of healthcare and IT consulting.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Bob: His renown perspective into developing innovative healthcare strategies through process design and analytics.
  • Connect with Bob Brown: Twitter, LinkedIn

Wen Dombrowski, M.D.

Wen Dombrowski, social media influencer

  • About Dr. Dombrowski: Wen Dombrowski, M.D., is a physician executive who creates technology-enabled services, business models and care models to improve the lives of populations with complex medical and social needs.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Dr. Dombrowski: Her deep analysis and insight into developing patient- and senior-centered healthcare systems and improvements.
  • Connect with Dr. Dombrowski: Twitter, LinkedIn

Brian Eastwood

Brian Eastwood, social media influencer

  • About Brian: Brian Eastwood is a writer and editor specializing in healthcare technology, policy, strategy, and innovation. He researches, analyzes, and reports key trends in healthcare, with a focus on consumer-driven health and the patient experience. He was also a HIMSS18 social media ambassador.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Brian: His communication of key trends in patient-centered healthcare.
  • Connect with Brian: Twitter, LinkedIn

Susannah Fox

Susannah Fox

  • About Susannah: Susannah Fox was the chief technology officer of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and a former political ambassador to the entrepreneurial and technology community in Silicon Valley, coordinating with the White House Office of Science and Technology.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Susannah: She is connecting the world of technology and startups with healthcare policy.
  • Connect with Susannah: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

Susan Hull

Susan Hull, social media influencer

  • About Susan: Susan Hull is a nurse executive and entrepreneur with a desire to transform healthcare delivery and enhance population health inside and outside the walls of healthcare provider organizations.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Susan: She is helping to transform healthcare through data, analytics, and smart decision making.
  • Connect with Susan: Twitter, LinkedIn

Colin Hung

Colin Hung, social media influencer

  • About Colin: Colin Hung is the co-founder of the #hcldr (healthcare leadership) tweetchat, one of the most popular and active healthcare social media communities on Twitter.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Colin Hung: He’s driving the social media discussion of healthcare leadership and technology.
  • Connect with Colin Hung: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

Jared Johnson

Jared Johnson, social media influencer

  • About Jared: Jared Johnson is a healthcare digital marketing thought leader and the author of Connect the Docs: Put Digital Health into Practice (A Handbook for Clinicians).
  • Why TigerConnect follows Jared: He brings together digital marketing and healthcare for the benefit of patients and clinicians.
  • Connect with Jared: Twitter, LinkedIn

John Lynn

John Lynn, social media influencer

  • About John: John Lynn is a blogger and entrepreneur who combines a keen understanding of healthcare IT with expertise in social media and SEO. He also facilitates the annual Health IT Marketing and PR Conference.
  • Why TigerConnect follows John: He communicates the complex nature of healthcare IT in a simplified manner.
  • Connect with John: Twitter (and here), LinkedIn, website

Although these influencers work in different areas of healthcare and technology, their one commonality is a singular focus on new methods to improve outcomes and care experience to the benefit of providers, patients, payers and communities. This is also our driving motivation at TigerConnect. We are always striving to develop new ways to help teams work better together – better communication, better collaboration, better engagement, and ultimately better outcomes for all stakeholders.

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