Who TigerConnect Follows Online and Why You Should, Too (Part 2)

Who TigerConnect Follows Online and Why You Should, Too (Part 2)

In our last post, we shared a list of 11 health IT leaders and influencers at the forefront of the industry that we keep up with through Twitter, LinkedIn and other digital channels, who continue to inspire us here at TigerConnect. The second half of our alphabetical list continues in this post.

Whether you’re on a quest to improve healthcare IT or looking to further educate yourself on the vastly complex industry, we hope reading these influencers’ feeds and stories will help to keep you in the know and inspire you to reimagine healthcare in new ways that benefit patients and providers. As our recent name change succinctly characterizes, we have made an ongoing commitment to advancing healthcare-related outcomes for both patients and healthcare professionals through better communication, better collaboration, and better engagement. These leaders guide and inspire us to maintain that commitment.

Part 2 of our list is below:

Judy Murphy

Social media influencer

  • About Judy: Judy Murphy is the chief nursing officer at IBM Global Healthcare. She focuses on building relationships and expanding business across the healthcare industry, with an interest in improving healthcare, lowering costs, and easing the clinical workload.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Judy: She has great insight into the healthcare digital transformation and what to consider when it comes to patient engagement.
  • Connect with Judy: Twitter, LinkedIn

Fred Pennic

  • About Fred: Fred Pennic is a healthcare IT entrepreneur with expertise in healthcare technology strategy and revenue cycle management. With this knowledge, he advises executive leadership across top national health systems and academic medical centers.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Fred: Fred is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of HIT Consultant, a healthcare technology editorial news site that provides in-depth commentary and analysis of healthcare technology trends and innovation. It has quickly emerged as one of the fastest growing digital media outlets in the healthcare technology industry.
  • Connect with Fred: Twitter, LinkedIn, Website

Pat Salber, M.D.

Social media influencer

  • About Dr. Salber: Pat Salber, M.D., is a physician executive and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of The Doctor Weighs In (TDWI), an award-winning mobile and online platform that shares healthcare innovation stories.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Pat: Her broad expertise and clinical perspective on healthcare design, innovation, and implementation.
  • Connect with Pat: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Social media influencer

  • About Jane: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn works as a health economist, advisor, and consultant for clients in healthcare and technology businesses, with an emphasis on innovative, sustainable solutions.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Jane: Her partnership with health stakeholders across the industry lets her share insights on strategy, scenario planning, policy, and healthcare reform.
  • Connect with Jane: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

Shahid Shah

Social media influencer

  • About Shahid: Shahid Shah is an innovator, with a strong focus on optimizing product development, medical devices, and health IT.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Shahid: He combines deep insight with ease-of-use to create solutions that measurably improve patients’ lives.
  • Connect with Shahid Shah: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

David Lee Scher

Social media influencer

  • About David: David Lee Scher is a healthcare consultant who pioneered the adoption and integration of remote patient monitoring data with electronic health records. He also oversaw the development of world’s first standards of medical and health mobile apps.
  • Why TigerConnect follows David: He is a thought leader on medical devices and remote cardiac monitoring, lecturing worldwide on the benefits of mobile health technologies.
  • Connect with David: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

Rasu Shrestha, M.D.

Social media influencer

  • About Rasu: Rasu Shrestha, M.D., is a chief innovation officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), focused on transforming the organization into a more patient-focused and economically-sustainable system.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Rasu: He combines healthcare intelligence, technology expertise, and entrepreneurial drive to develop inventive and commercially successful solutions that address complex healthcare challenges.
  • Connect with Rasu: Twitter, LinkedIn

Danielle Siarri

Social media influencer

  • About Danielle: Danielle Siarri is an expert in health informatics and is a registered nurse with experience ranging from hospital setting of trauma-to-case manager in the corporate environment. She co-chairs the social media committee for the American Nursing Informatics Association.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Danielle: She combines deep nursing expertise with health IT understanding for fascinating insights into medical innovation.
  • Connect with Danielle: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

Max Stroud

Social media influencer

  • About Max: Max Stroud is an expert consultant in healthcare IT, especially as it relates to social and community programs and outpatient, ambulatory care.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Max: Her work focuses on healthcare systems’ transitions and integrations, especially moving from paper-based to digital solutions.
  • Connect with Max Stroud: Twitter, LinkedIn

John Torous, M.D.

Social media influencer

  • About John: John Torous, M.D. is co-director of the digital psychiatry program at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he also serves as a staff psychiatrist and clinical informatics fellow. He also leads the American Psychiatric Association’s work group on the evaluation of smartphone apps.
  • Why TigerConnect follows John: He is a leader in the delivery and advancement of high-caliber patient care through mobile and other digital means.
  • Connect with John: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

Fred Trotter

Social media influencer

  • About Fred: Fred Trotter is a healthcare data journalist and author. One of his innovations, CareSet Patch, creates a comprehensive map of the healthcare system, by showing how healthcare providers collaborate to deliver healthcare.
  • Why TigerConnect follows Fred: He analyzes data and provides technical insight into healthcare prescribing and collaboration.
  • Connect with Fred: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

Who’s on your must-follow list?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of health IT leaders to know and follow online. It’s just a small segment of innovators in our industry who are sharing and creating technology and insights that are and will continue to improve healthcare organizations, and more importantly, the outcomes and lives of patients. We urge you to investigate their online presences and share your suggestions on other inspiring healthcare leaders we should follow.

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