What If? - An Update from CEO Brad Brooks

We were unexpectedly interrupted last Friday at our office in Santa Monica by the thundering sounds of the Space Shuttle Endeavor piggy-backing a ride on a 747 jet to arrive at its final resting place at the downtown Science Museum. As my entire office gazed up to the sky awe-inspired from our roof, it made me ponder the power of possibility and the importance of thinking big. These are hallmarks of what makes the U.S. such an incredible country, embracing the question, “What if?”

This notion encapsulates much of what we are trying to achieve at TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard. We formed this company to address a widely ignored issue – antiquated communication – that plagues the biggest and most important industry in America today – healthcare. It’s quite extraordinary that healthcare communication hasn’t really changed since the advent of the pager over 30 years ago. I can still remember as a little boy accompanying my father, an orthopedic surgeon, on his rounds with his pager permanently tethered to his belt. Since then, we have introduced the PC, Fax, Internet and now Smartphone to name just a few major innovations. Yet, pagers still remain incredibly pervasive in healthcare. At TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard, we believe the time has come to revolutionize this status quo and provide instantaneous two-way communication to make better, more informed decisions.

TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard employees cheer on Endeavor.

It wasn’t long ago that the idea of a reusable space plane seemed like a pretty far out notion. Now we have already moved on to the next phase in space exploration. This spirit to embrace possibility is what makes us strong as a country and embodies the culture we champion at TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard. Dream big and back it up with action. In this political season that is so often rife with charged and empty rhetoric, it was great to step back for a few minutes and gaze up to the sky in wonderment and feel proud for these simple but indelible reasons

Brad previously ran DIC Entertainment as President for six years after working for Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette as an Investment Banker. After acquiring the company with Bain Capital from the Walt Disney Company in 2000, he helped grow the company from less than $10 million of revenues to over $80 million in 2005 when he took the company public on the London Stock Exchange at a $200 million valuation. Brad received his BA from UC Berkeley and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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