Web Console Release Notes – September 29, 2014

Targeted Release Date: Week of September 29, 2014

Major updates:
  • Print a transcript of a conversation
  • Download attachments
  • Force Logout of your devices

Print a Conversation

Dunder-Mifflin fans, rejoice! After a short hiatus (and many customer requests), TigerText has added the print command back to the Web Console. That means whenever you’re in an active conversation, you’ll be able to print the entire conversation thread for reference.


Click the Print icon for a print-ready view of the conversation thread.

Download Attached Files

As if the return of the print option wasn’t exciting enough, we brought back the very popular Download Files feature as well. This feature lets you download any attached file directly from TigerText. Simply click on a document – MS Word files and PDFs specifically – and the document will download automatically. It’s a great feature for users who are sharing sensitive data across multiple users and devices.


Send sensitive files with confidence knowing TigerText's secure encryption will keep them safe.

Lost Phone? Use Force Logout

Airports. Taxi cabs. Restaurants. All really excellent places to lose your mobile phone. With TigerText’s new Force Logout feature, you can remotely log out of TigerText in the event you lose your smartphone or tablet.

Simply log into the Web Console at home.tigertext.com from a computer (or the mobile browser on your co-worker’s phone), tap the Menu icon in the upper left, select ‘Edit Profile’ and then hit the ‘Force Logout’ button.

(NOTE: When you Force Logout your devices, you will automatically get logged out of the Web Console. Simply log back in to continue sending TigerTexts.)


Use the Force Logout feature to remotely disable TigerText if you device is lost or stolen.