Web Console Release Notes - June 06, 2014

Targeted Release Date Week of June 09, 2014
Major updates:
  • Delivery status indicators are now clearly labeled as Sent, Delivered, or Read for each message.
  • Connectivity alerts now appear anytime Internet access is interrupted.
  • In-app notifications and resend options for undeliverable messages.

New Message Status Indicators

To make it easier to identify when a message you’ve sent has been sent, delivered, or read by the recipient, we’ve replaced the previous symbols – blue arrow, green checkmark, etc. – with descriptive labels.

New message status labels will appear at the bottom of the message window anytime a message has been:

Sent – When a user sends a TigerText message using the web console and that message is received by the TigerText system.

Delivered – When a sent message is received on the recipient’s device or in the Web Console.

Read – When the recipient has ‘opened’ and ‘viewed’ the message.

In-App Connectivity Alert

Web Console users are now alerted immediately by an in-app banner anytime Internet connectivity is disrupted. This allows TigerText users to switch to an alternate communication channel such as a smartphone or tablet

Delivery Failure Notifications

Connectivity issues can hamper mobile communication. Now TigerText users will receive in-app notifications anytime message delivery failures occur as well as the ability to resend these messages.