Improving Workflows in Healthcare: Introducing the Latest Innovations at TigerText

Improving Workflows in Healthcare: Introducing the Latest Innovations at TigerText

Healthcare organizations use TigerText’s secure messaging platform to communicate and improve their communication paths on a daily basis. When they integrate TigerText with Pagers, EMRs and Active Directory, they achieve outstanding results and provide superior care for patients. At the product team, our focus is listening to our customers and provide them with the industry’s best products and features.

Today, we are announcing three key additions to TigerText’s suite of product innovations that would help you be a rockstar healthcare professional and provide better care with superior communication.

New Desktop App

In addition to supporting the iPhone, Apple Watch, Android, and web browsers, we are now offering a standalone PC and Mac product that’s self-updating with built-in alerts – no separate notifier app needed. Plus, a simple shortcut from your desktop makes it instantly accessible. Now TigerText is more ubiquitous and works wherever you are.


Blog-Image_Spring16_Auto-Fwd_Spring16 (1)

This highly asked for feature to support shift based work allows you to automatically forward TigerText messages to a colleague while in Do Not Disturb mode. Simply go to the Settings tab, turn on Do Not Disturb and select a recipient with just a few taps (they’re automatically notified) to be sure important messages get handled when you’re not available. Plus, you’ll get the first message of every new conversation to keep you in the loop without being bothered.


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Priority Messaging ($)

Healthcare presents unique challenges and emergency situations that demand highlighted attention. Now you can make sure your critical TigerText messages get read by tagging them with the “Priority” label. These messages remain at the top of the recipient’s inbox until read and can even have a different ringtone.

Quick note, this premium feature must be turned on by your TigerText administrator or by contacting customer support.


Spotlight Search by Title and Role (iOS)

Oh, and one more thing… Using the native iOS Spotlight search feature, you can look up coworkers by name or by role. A simple tap brings you to a new message window in TigerText where you can shoot him a quick text. Try it out now by gesturing downward on your iPhone or iPad home screen right now and search for a TigerText contact.

Our mission is to change healthcare with easy to use communication tools and provide better care, and with these new features, we are one step closer. There are many more exciting innovations coming your way and with TigerText’s advanced platform, you can enjoy them faster than ever before. If you’d like to get a sneak peek when new features become available, sign up for our Release Notes. For now, enjoy the new features or check out the press release for even more details.

John Elms is the Chief Product Officer and leads the development of all TigerConnect health communication and collaboration product offerings.