Time Flies Working at A Startup, But I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

When I look back at the beginning of my journey over four years ago, I’m surprised that none of us, including myself, knew the kind of trip we would go through in building TigerText. Every great company has a humble beginning…we have ours. But I have my own beginning with TigerText – a story that I hope will never end.

It was April 2010, and I was meeting with Sumeet, TigerText’s Chief Technology Officer, for an interview at a nearby architectural firm. At the time, I wasn’t even sure TigerText had a office, but I didn’t mind. I would’ve worked out of a garage at that point. I was just determined to build an amazing mobile app.

The interview was an interesting experience for me. Unlike many of your more structured interviews, I was asked to use and critique the first and original TigerText iOS app. I gave Sumeet my feedback – some good, some bad. I even made the Blackberry version of the app crash, but I enjoyed the exercise. Even though I was scared I wouldn’t get the job, in hindsight, I think the informality of that interview is what secured things for me.

When I came onboard to TigerText, I worked with the engineering team – a team of only six – on a round of updates to one of the very first versions of the TigerText iOS app, as well as on the first version of our Android app. It was exhausting but mesmerizing. I knew we were on to something great.

I remember the day we all gathered in the conference room for our first-ever “All Hands” meeting. This meeting would be the first of many to come in which we get the company together each week to share department updates, talk about the product and strategize on how to make TigerText even better. In our first meeting, we went around the table and talked about what we wanted from TigerText – what experience were we hoping for. Some wanted to gain more experience, others wanted to gain new experience and try something they hadn’t done before. As for me, I wanted to build things. I shared with the team why, as a child, Legos always fascinated me – “Because I like to build things…take things apart and reconstruct them into something interesting.”

Even though none of us knew what we were getting ourselves into, we all kinda had the feeling that we just boarded a train that was beginning to warm up and speed into the future.

It’s crazy to think that was four years ago. Over those years, I’ve met a lot of amazing people who have come on board and joined this now fast-moving train. Seeing TigerText launch four major versions of the application, expanding the team from the original seven of us to a team of more than 10 times that, and growing our prestige in the healthcare technology space gives me hope that no matter what destination this train may be heading towards, I am onboard. Call it cliché, but there comes a point in life when it’s no longer about the destination but rather the journey. The journey, the people, and the experiences we go through are the many great things I will always take away from here. When all said and done and when my journey ends, there will be many happy memories and Instagram photos to take away from this experience along with knowing that I helped build something different, something useful, something that has my mark that millions of people use daily. And you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

TigerText Early Days
From left to right: Sumeet Bahtia, Mark Campbell, Michael Colorge, George Lawrence, Jeffrey Evans, Martin Hald, Sean Whiteley

Bottom from left to right: Joe Toscano, Brad Brooks