Nurse This - How TigerText Saves Organizations Nearly $28,000 Per Day

Often times, to get a hold of doctors, nurses rely on overhead paging or direct phone calls to reach staff, but with so much going on at once – patients coming and going, physicians moving from room to room, and administrators facilitating patient admins and discharges – doctors regularly miss overhead pages and phone calls.

The end result – more time wasted on repetitive pages, phone tag, and chasing doctors down the halls.

How much time?

The average nurse wastes one hour per day tracking down physicians! It’s a bit startling to think how many more patients could be seen at that time if only there was a way to cut down this process.

Luckily with TigerText, nurses can eliminate the need for paging as well as cut down the hour-long time it takes to track down doctors to only 10 minutes.

TigerText helps nurses streamline their everyday communication process by linking all moving parts – physician specialists, case managers, pharmacists, lab technicians, and discharge coordinators – across a unified and secure communication platform. With TigerText, nurses can:

  • Reduce phone tag by 80% – Replace unanswered pages and calls with secure text messages instead.
  • Decrease patient wait times – Quickly notify doctors via TigerText when a patient is ready to be seen.
  • Less overhead paging – Messages such as device alarms, pages, lab results, emergency codes and other PHI can be sent via TigerText alleviating the need for overhead paging.
  • Diminish medical information error – Confirm and clarify physician orders in real-time, while read and delivery receipts ensure message accountability.

Nurse Cost Savings

The results:

  • Increased patient satisfaction – With shortened wait times, patients and their families are more content.
  • Cost savings – With less time spent tracking down physicians and more time spent focusing on patient care, clinics and hospitals save nearly $28,000 a day using TigerText!
  • Improved care coordination – TigerText links physician specialists, case managers, pharmacists, lab technicians and discharge coordinators helping streamline everyday patient care.
  • Higher HCAHPS score – Less overhead noise, shorter wait times, and quicker patient discharges all lead to higher patient survey satisfaction scores.