TigerConnect Values: A Sense of Urgency Pushes Staff to Quickly Achieve Their Goals

TigerConnect Values: A Sense of Urgency Pushes Staff to Quickly Achieve Their Goals

Next up in our TigerConnect Values Series is a Sense of Urgency. Having a strong sense of urgency is something that makes the TigerConnect culture what it is, a place where driven and talented individuals come together with a purpose to make positive changes in the healthcare community.

At TigerConnect, when we picture a productive and successful workplace, we picture a place where individuals are collaborating and engaging with each other, diligently seeking answers. A place where employees are consistently working with a sense of urgency. Although we aren’t on the frontlines of a hospital, we know that our product is. When the Head Nurse needs to Broadcast an emergency message to alert her team within seconds, TigerConnect is there. When a physician needs to expedite a patient consultation from a specialist, TigerConnect is there. We know this hasn’t always been the case, and sometimes workflow communication that should take minutes, ends up taking hours, or even days (pagers, we’re looking at you!). Therefore, we’ve put the utmost importance on the value of “having sense of urgency” for our internal team, as well.

Since revealing our five core values, TigerConnect employees have tried to mimic this sense of urgency seen onsite while visiting our clients. You can walk into our Santa Monica HQ early in the morning, when the sun is just rising, and you will hear the Client Care team on the phone, calmly and diligently answering client questions. Throughout the day, you’ll see our engineers urgently working on the latest features to move that release date even sooner, getting them into our client’s hands (and at their fingertips) where they matter most. If you leave our office late, you know a Marketing team member will be right there with you, working on getting the TigerConnect name in front of even more individuals who severely need it. We consistently take the utmost seriousness in what we do, since we know the sooner we succeed, the sooner we will create a positive impact on the world. We strive to achieve our goals as quickly as possible so that we can move on to the next.

As Dmitry Blanshteyn, one of our QA Analysts, noted: “Fast and accurate communication is a vital part of any industry. This is particularly evident in the healthcare field, where a delay in even a small amount of time could be the difference between life and death. In an industry that prides itself on cutting edge medicine and surgical breakthroughs, it amazes me that they still use antiquated technology for communication. In an era where everyone has a smartphone, this is unacceptable. Being part of the TigerConnect team makes me feel like my contributions help revolutionize communication in healthcare, which saves the lives of patients and at the same time, empowers medical professionals to provide better care.” As TigerConnecters approach their work with a sense of urgency day in and day out to transform healthcare communication, we hope our clients can treat their patients with more ease knowing that TigerConnect is there to get them through their critical and urgent needs.

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