TigerConnect Named Best Place to Work by Modern Healthcare

TigerConnect Named Best Place to Work by Modern Healthcare

For the fourth year in a row, TigerConnect (formerly TigerText) has been named one of the Best Places to Work by Modern Healthcare. TigerConnect’s employees have shared positive feedback around elements including company culture, office environment, alignment with the company’s vision, and many other aspects that one considers when deciding the “best” place to work. After being awarded this honorable title, the People Operations team at TigerConnect felt the need to dig in on what makes a “great” working environment, and why.

After speaking with employees at Mid-Summer’s Week, TigerConnect’s highly anticipated week-long summit we hold each year, it became clear that what really makes our team “tick” is their personal attachment and dedication to our company values. With a bold mission, hoping “to transform healthcare communication to make the lives of physicians, nurses, and patients better,” our work is no small feat. We at TigerConnect recognize that for an individual’s work to feel rewarding, their personal mission must be closely aligned with the mission of their employer. What makes our mission come to life is this true understanding employees hold of the meaning behind our mission. This is not lip service or some tired cliche, but a valiant effort that taps into the deepest and most sincere part of our employees, or we call it “purity of cause”. We are proud to see our employees continuously strive for this personal and professional undertaking.

Sr. Manager, IT & Security, Isaac Lee, shared, “I love the feeling that we are enabling and helping improve the healthcare industry. For far too long, going to the doctor’s office or hospital meant ‘waiting.’…I have always been taught since I was a little kid that we should, as humans, help give back and make the world a better place. So, working at TigerConnect is a natural fit for me.”

Every Monday morning, the team comes together for a company-wide All Hands meeting to highlight the ways that our various teams and product have positively impacted the lives of others. Being able to share these stories allows our mission to come to life and reminds our employees why they are so proud to be a part of TigerConnect. We don’t call it our mission because it is grandiose, but rather because it is precise and we can viscerally sense the day-to-day impact of our work and directly point to the ways we are working towards an end goal.

“The TigerConnect cause is a very empathetic and thoughtful one, so it attracts very special and caring people. My colleagues have made a huge and powerful impact on me. Through the mission of TigerConnect, to helping out the community during Mid-Summer’s Week, TigerConnect excels at improving lives. The most difficult part of this internship will be leaving at the end of my two months here, and I’m lucky to be a part of such an amazing family for the summer!”. Adam Ali, our 2018 Android Intern.

We are so grateful to be mentioned by Modern Healthcare, but even happier that our employees love where they work! We hope we can earn this title for years to come while continuing to transform healthcare communication for the better.

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