Personal Online Training for On-Call Schedulers

How online training for your physician scheduler can add to your bottom line.

Personal online training eliminates the need for airfare, hotel, transportation, or long-distance phone bills to the client. Personal interaction with a live “trainer” reduces learning time and increases the retention of the materials learned because it is customized to the particular needs of the “learner”. Manuals and “generic” videos do not answer the questions unique to each Clinic’s Scheduler.

Just because there is an online help manual, doesn’t mean the “learner” will use it or use it effectively. Studies have shown that non-completion rates for e-learning run as high as 80 percent. Unguided time spent randomly “poking around” the new Scheduling software costs time, frustration, and ultimately money.

Here are some items to consider regarding training and support while choosing a new application for your On-Call Schedulers to use:

    • Is there an online manual or video support?
      Are your users self-motivated enough to complete the online training themselves? Is the manual clearly written and easy to use?
    • Is the manual or videos all there is?
      Are your scheduler and users self-motivated and skilled enough to explore the new application thoroughly on their own? How will they know what areas are most important to them? Will they miss useful information that could save them time? With personal guided online training, the help manual becomes a useful aid to remembering items that a particular group doesn’t use frequently. The training experience can be customized to the “learners” level of readiness and understanding. Training is meaningful because it is relevant to the “learners'” particular on-the-job Scheduler tasks.
    • Does the vendor provide help as part of the implementation process?
      If you can’t remember what you’ve learned, there isn’t much value in learning it. Personal online training guarantees learner practice and practice builds proficiency and retention of new material. It also increases the ability and motivation for the new “learner” to continue to use the new process.
    • Is there a support person dedicated to you?
      It is very helpful to have continuity in your support so you don’t have to re-explain your situation to a different person each time you call.

How Management can help!

What Schedulers, or any new learner, need to learn effectively:

    • Dedicated time set aside for them to learn new skills.
      It can be difficult to assimilate new material while “on duty” taking phone calls, etc.
      Dedicated time for them to practice new skills on their own, derive, and get answers to individual questions. This is the power of personal training.
    • Supervisory support of the corporate criteria and vision, so “learners” receive the local support and motivation they need to actually apply their new skills.

Key Takeaway

Management will save money with a shorter learning curve, benefit with increased retention of new material, and increased motivation to continue to use the new skills acquired when Schedulers are allowed time and space to adopt new software.


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