One-Touch Access to Your On-Call Schedules on iPhone and iPad

You can easily add an app-looking icon to the home screen of your iPhone for one-click access to your on-call Schedule MicroSite, Call Scheduler login page, or other favorite locations. No iTunes account or app needed!

For your iPhone…

  1. First, email yourself a link to your MicroSite or Login page if typing the URL is difficult, and click on it to open Safari and get started. Or, you can simply navigate to the website you wish to bookmark.
  2. Now click the Share button: it’s the icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like a page with an arrow coming out of it (as shown immediately below).
  3. You’ll see nine icons in the resulting view. The middle one in the middle row represents your bookmark. Underneath it says “Add to Home Screen”. The website icon (favicon) that is associated with the website will be used if it is present, otherwise, you can go back to the website, enlarge the view and capture a more representative image of what the website is about. Click on the Add to Home Screen icon.
  4. The Add to Home page interface is where you can name your icon. You’ll see the site favicon on the lefthand side, and a text field to the right. The text field displays the first few letters of the site’s description. Use the on-screen keyboard at the bottom of the view to change it to something short and sweet, like on-call. When you are happy with the description, click ‘Add’, in the top righthand corner of the display.
  5. Now there’s your One Touch access on the home screen to the website location! Very handy for MicroSite access or the on-call Schedule login page!

By default, the new shortcut will appear as the final icon on your home screen. To move it, hold down on the icon until all the icons on your home page start jiggling around with black crosses on their top lefthand corners. Then continue to hold down your icon and drag it to the position where you would like it, and release. Tap the home button to stop and lock it into place.

  1. To delete your bookmark, hold down on the icon until the crosses appear and tap the cross. You’ll be asked if you are sure you want to delete the bookmark – hit delete and it will disappear.

There you have it! Now For the iPad…

  1. From the iPad home screen, choose Safari and go to your Call Scheduler Login page, Microsite, or other favorite sites as you did for the iPhone.
  2. Find Share Icon (the rectangle with the arrow), in the upper left corner of your iPad screen this time. Click it, and then in the resulting “pop-down”, click the icon with “Add to Home Screen” beneath it… a very similar operation as for the iPhone.(see screenshot immediately below)
  3. The resulting interface will allow you to rename the shortcut as needed, then click “Add”, found in the upper right area of that little pop-down.

And… there is your app-like shortcut on your iPad home screen ready for one-click access to your physician on-call Schedules!

Key Takeaway

Sometimes you don’t need an app for that! Bookmark icons require no special accounts for software to create or use, and will be displayed with your other app icons.

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