New Technology Adoption for the Entire Care Team

New Technology Adoption for the Entire Care Team

Balancing new tech and valuable results when upgrading to a new solution

New Tech, New Hesitation

As Ambulatory Informatics Project Manager at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System, Sandra Kalini works behind the scenes in the cancer care program to create efficiencies in communication, collaboration, and patient care. A typical day for Sandra involves increasing collaboration, streamlining workflows, providing support alongside healthcare workers, and improving the overall patient experience.

At her core, Sandra is innately tech-savvy. She loves the latest industry features and adopts new technology quickly and easily. Like many who work in healthcare, however, Sandra isn’t always offered the option to innovate at her workplace.

Across organizations, incorporating modern technology into the healthcare space is challenging. Starting that conversation means demonstrating the ways tech improvements provide better patient care.

Surprisingly, the reasons for healthcare’s widespread resistance to tech adoption are rarely based on technology itself.

Overwhelming Change

Progressing to a new technology or collaboration solution involves sharp learning curves for the care team. This is largely the case for long-term staff who have used specific workflows, processes, and routines for decades.

“But this is the way we’ve always done it,” and similar reluctant mantras can be heard echoing through the hallways in many healthcare facilities.

Change can be overwhelming so it’s vital to not burden staff. In the early stages of introducing new technology, avoid bombarding the entire team with solution features. More isn’t always better; option overload leads to inundated stress, and ultimately, unwilling resistance.

Here are some of the best ways to justify new tech adoption and demonstrate the benefits for the entire care team.

Meaningful Tech

Start by building trust and establishing the value and worth of the proposed technology. Finding that balance between new and valuable means setting a path toward configuring better workflows and efficiencies for the entire team. Demonstrate how a new communication and collaboration solution will streamline care team routines while reducing stress and inefficiencies.

Simplify Solutions

Not only should a new communication solution be valuable, but it should also be easy to use, especially for beginners. Ease of use in technology and low barriers to entry lead to higher adoption and more use case examples. Care teams will discover better communication methods, workflows, and tangible situations where having a dynamic solution came through for them.

Clarify Complexities

Defining problems that must be solved with a new communication solution will further simplify the upgrade process. Enhanced and streamlined communication is beneficial because patient care is complex. It’s crucial for systems to be synced across facilities, accessible for instant data, and transparent about new treatment plans or next steps.

The Connected Care Team Podcast

Balancing New Technology and Valuable Results

The Connected Care Team Podcast

TigerConnect: Valuable, Simple, Cohesive

During TigerConnect’s integration at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System, Sandra immediately saw the benefits of an all-encompassing, cloud-based solution. Automation, instant communication, and real-time patient data sharing across teams have made her work life easier, efficient, and most importantly, innovative.

“Using TigerConnect bridges that communication gap between staff, multiple health centers, and keeping all information in one place,” says Sandra. “Providers and staff are busy; calls and faxes add up and information is needed instantly. Why not optimize, why not streamline and make these processes and workflows better?”

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