Native Desktop App for Mac and PC

Key Features:
How to access the new app:
Get the Desktop App by visiting our download page.
Native for Mac and PC

We’re excited to announce the release of TigerText’s new Desktop App. Users who access the browser version of TigerText on desktop computers will soon have a streamlined option.

Everything great about the Web Console, packaged for native use on Mac or PC.

This Desktop App is very similar to the Web Console, but packaged for faster use on a Mac or a PC. And we didn’t forget about admins. Inside the Desktop App, they will find the same controls for org settings that they currently access in the Web Console.

Easy Access

Frequent desktop users will appreciate having simpler access to their inbox. While it’s great that the Web Console is available on any device with a browser, this flexibility does come with a drawback. If you’ve ever had to pull up the right browser window and search among twenty open tabs for the right one to view your inbox, you know what I’m talking about. The Desktop App puts an end to browser clumsiness by keeping TigerText at the surface of your computer.

No more hunting across windows for the right tab. Open TigerText in one simple step.

Open TigerText in one step by clicking the TT icon in your dock or system tray at the bottom of your screen. Or if you prefer keyboard shortcuts, Windows users can hit Alt-Tab or use the Launch feature while Mac users can use Cmd-Tab, Mission Control, or Spotlight Search.


Communication breaks down when we miss a message, which is why notifications matter so much. If you’ve used the Web Console together with the Desktop Notifier to stay informed about new message activity, now you can consolidate into one simple app. The Desktop App incorporates the same notification stream as The Notifier at the top of the screen so you know when a message is sent and who sent it. And if you’d like to immediately open the conversation, you can click the notification.

Wonder if you're getting the message? See alerts for new TigerText at the top of your screen.

Meanwhile if you did somehow miss a message, the App Icon in your Dock or System Tray at the bottom of your screen will indicate when you have unread messages waiting.