Looking Forward... to Auto-Forward!

Patient care is a team sport. Sometimes even the most tireless participants need to sub out for a few plays and let a teammate cover their position. That’s why we’re adding an advanced auto-forward feature across all platforms in the next round of releases, so users can help each other when one team member needs a quick break from TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standarding.

Starting in February, you will have the option to designate a colleague to receive messages on your behalf when you enter Do Not Disturb Mode. Auto-Forward is a premium TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard feature, so admins should contact a Customer Success Manager to enable this feature for their org.


With Auto-Forward enabled, messages you receive will be forwarded to a colleague of your choice within your org. He or she will receive the initial message in a direct conversation with the original sender. The message will have a special label to mark that it was forwarded on your behalf.

You will also receive a copy of any messages that are auto-forwarded, in a separate thread with the sender. However, you will not get a copy of subsequent messages between the sender and your auto-forward recipient if their conversation continues further, that remains between them.

So that’s how Auto-Forward works, but how do you enable it? The first step is to enter Do Not Disturb Mode in your Settings. When you activate Do Not Disturb, you will see an option below to select an Auto-Forward recipient from your org directory. Note: you cannot select a recipient who is currently in Do Not Disturb Mode themselves.

We want to make it very clear to everyone when this setting is active, so it comes with a few extra notifications. Whenever you activate or de-activate Auto-Forwarding, TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard will send a confirmation to your designated recipient on your behalf.

Additionally, while you have Auto-Forward active, your Do Not Disturb banner will display who you have designated to receive your messages. You will see this banner in your own inbox, and your colleagues will see it in a message thread and on the compose screen.

So that’s a deeper dive on how to use our new Auto-Forward feature, we hope it helps make it easier for your care teams to share the load.