Let's Just Sit on the On-Call Schedule for Now

Are you forgetting about your Provider’s time in order to save face?

In pursuit of saving scheduling time creating, editing, and communicating the perfect on-call schedule for your physicians, are you tempted to “hide” your future schedules until they are absolutely perfect?

Have you purchased software to help you, but are you “sitting on it” until you have complete buy-in from everyone, and transitioned all the Physicians to new rules that will be in effect next year? Now you are buried in the complexity of various scenarios for next year. Did you forget that you can let your Providers benefit from the call scheduling software TODAY?

If your schedule is done for THIS year, you are in the best of worlds right NOW!

This is a great time for an interactive implementation of software for your Provider’s use.

All you need to do is get your current on-call schedules on-line, then maintain them in Call Scheduler software. The most current copy is automatically available to your Providers at all times via your Microsite. You have only to announce your MicroSite location.

Your microsite is also available to your internal staff and after-hours service. They can get a time-stamped copy for themselves whenever they want without bothering you. You do NOT need to re-publish, re-email, re-announce… saving YOU time right now, while empowering your Providers.

Even if you personally may not benefit from saving maximum scheduling time right now while you are determining your scheduling rules and process, your Providers can immediately benefit from:

    • Microsite: Universal view-only access anytime, anywhere via the internet
    • OneTouch access to your Microsite on iPad or iPhone
    • Immediate, accurate views so Providers can see who they can swap with, even from home.
    • iCal subscription: The Providers’ personal schedules into their smartphones, iPad, Google or Outlook
    • On-Line Provider Requests for Swap requests, vacations, and more.
    • Automatic Provider Request notifications from the application when the Scheduler approves/denies requests.
    • Tally reports so Providers can see for themselves that the schedule is fair. Especially regarding weekends.
    • Whiteboard Year-views so they can see where they are scheduled for vacations and/or work at-a-glance whenever they want to.
    • Printing any of the whiteboards if they want an archived record of their own.

Why not let your Providers create iCal subscriptions and have MicroSite access so they can save time?

As a scheduler, you may see your maximum time-saving later, once you have your transition plan figured out, and your process documented. As your Group’s future needs change, don’t worry, the process and policies can be updated.

Meanwhile, even without running a scheduling engine, schedulers can still benefit from:

    • Rules that will benefit you right now as you manually schedule. Rules can be changed later as needed when you automate.
    • The availability lists, month view speed-entry interface, and year view to get your updates done.
    • Multiple-month whiteboards with colorization and filtering for proofing multiple months within one view.
    • Provider Request time-stamped tracking and automatic email of approval/denial to the requesting provider.
    • A variety of Tally Reports anytime you want them.

Key Takeaway:

Let your Providers get started adopting your new software TODAY by using the Microsite views and creating personal iCal subscription links!


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