KLAS 2018 Report: TigerConnect Recognized for High Consideration, Retention, and Performance

KLAS 2018 Report: TigerConnect Recognized for High Consideration, Retention, and Performance

As we usher in the new year and say goodbye to 2018, we look forward to new beginnings and a chance to make an even larger impact on healthcare. Recently, the 2018 KLAS Decision Insights – Secure Communication Report has been released to help buyers make the best decision for their health facility communications.

For 2018, we’re proud to rate as one of only three clinical communication vendors recognized for “High Consideration, Retention, and Performance” among the seventeen vendors surveyed. We were also excited to be recognized as the Most Considered Vendor among the field.

Here’s what our CEO, Brad Brooks had to say, “We’re delighted to have received our highest marks to date in this year’s KLAS report. As a pioneer in the secure clinical communications space, the insights and recognition from KLAS further validate both TigerConnect’s positive value being delivered for our existing customers and the significant market opportunity that still lies ahead.”

As our market segment matures, KLAS continues to broaden their research to include subsegments ranging from large hospitals to ambulatory practices. Not to toot our own horn (okay, maybe just a little), we also rated high or at the top in these areas as well:

High customer retention
Time and time again, we have customers tell us that our solution has become a ‘need to have’ for their organization, or that they would never go back to the old way of doing things. It’s no wonder 90% of our surveyed customers view TigerConnect as part of their long-term plans.

High satisfaction and very deep adoption
When our customers are happy, we’re happy. We often talk about the “network effect” when it comes to clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platforms. Many of our satisfied customers have taken advantage of this phenomenon, where the more users of a product there are, the more value that can be realized by the entire “network”. This can help exponentially grow adoption and message volume among physicians, nurses and other care staff across a health system. And better communication means better, faster care for patients, in and out of the hospital.

Strong, easy-to-use solutions
We’ve learned that having a clinical communication solution that ‘just plain works’ is extremely important to care teams. That’s why we work tirelessly to keep our user interface as straightforward as possible while still providing clinicians with the advanced tools they need to carry out the most intricate of enterprise-wide healthcare workflows. Add to that a platform with 99.99% reliability and you’ve got the recipe for a trusted, rock-solid user experience.

Longevity in market
TigerConnect was founded in 2010, so we know a thing or two about healthcare communications. As the first company to create mobile communication solutions for the industry, we’re driven by our desire to make life easier for care teams – and healthier for patients. With thousands of healthcare organizations actively using our solution and daily message volume well into the millions, our data-informed learnings continue to accelerate. More users and more enterprise-wide engagement means faster iteration and a better product over time.

Most considered vendor
As we mentioned, this year, we were recognized as the ‘most considered vendor’ among the nearly 20 profiled in the report – including EHR vendors. We’d like to think that’s a testament to both our reputation and our time in the market, but most likely it comes down to sheer scale and a loyal customer base that keeps discovering new value through the product and the ever-evolving use cases it solves.

“By far” the most customers of any vendor
Above all, this may be the finding which we’re most proud of. TigerConnect maintains its spot as healthcare’s largest provider of clinical communication solutions. We’re trusted by nearly 5,000 healthcare organizations large and small across the US and we’re just getting started.

Our commitment to developing enterprise platform functionality and streamlining communication workflows to achieve the highest possible ROI has resonated well with our user base. In addition to these top ratings in this year’s report, we also received plenty of favorable feedback from customers:

“TigerConnect is very intuitive. It uses groups very well. We can send
a summary of our admissions for the day to a broad group of physicians and staff members. The
system allows for messages to go to a specific person or group, but I can also send announcements to all of the doctors at once. I can easily get new people set up in the system because it isn’t difficult to figure it out”

“The primary thing we hoped for when we implemented TigerConnect was to provide better care to our patients. The system enables more connected providers with fewer barriers in communication; that leads to faster throughput for patients. When a patient comes to the ER and needs to see several different specialties, the attending providers create a group in TigerConnect to exchange information on their treatment plan. The patient’s plan is decided in a few minutes. We can’t overstate the value of that functionality, especially for
critical treatment decisions”

“We really liked the desktop app. It made it really easy to get notifications, even if our phones were on mute or silent. TigerConnect is very intuitive. We are extremely happy with the system, and so many people have come up to me and said TigerConnect is such an improvement from what we had before. It works well, and I know my messages are being relayed properly.”
TigerConnect Customer

So that’s a wrap for the 2018 KLAS report and we’re already looking ahead to 2019. If you would like to learn more about TigerConnect and how clients like RWJBarnabas, Geisinger, and Lifepoint are using the most advanced clinic communication platform to solve healthcare’s biggest communication challenges, visit our website and sign up for a product demo.

Want to purchase the full report? Click here: KLAS’ Decision Insights Secure Communication Report

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