iOS v4.7 Release Notes – October 02, 2014

Targeted Release Date Week of October 01, 2014
Major updates:
  • Faster messaging protocol
  • Improved user interface
  • New registration and login flow
  • Streamlined tabbed navigation menu
  • Enhanced Groups functionality
  • Multi-Inbox selection tool

Faster Messaging Architecture

Faster is generally better, and TigerText is no exception. In this release, we re-architected our messaging protocols so messages require substantially lower bandwidth compared to the previous version.

Faster Messaging Architecture

This keeps the connection load minimal so messages can traverse deeper walls and consume fewer battery resources. It also means your message exchanges are instantaneous with much faster syncing across all of your devices with little or no latency.

Redesigned User Interface

Not to brag, but this latest version of TigerText is our best-looking yet. Of course, you, our customers, deserve the credit since most of the improvements were based on your valuable feedback. So we took your advice and redesigned the app with new navigation and tons of fresh elements that align nicely with the new iOS 8. From the first sign-up screen to the Settings page, this latest app delivers improved functionality and faster, easier navigation.

Redesigned User Interface
For starters, we changed the way the app looks by adding a new menu bar at the bottom of the screen for fast navigation. We improved the readability of the TigerText Inbox for faster previewing and message status, and we made all of your Inboxes super accessible via a handy dropdown menu. We enhanced the Contacts page by adding ‘TT’ icons so you can see which co-workers are on TigerText. Finally, we improved the usability around Groups and added options to help make your profile fabulous.


Faster, Easier Sign-Up Flow

Logging in to a new app for the first time shouldn’t require a Ph.D. in Astrophysics. With TigerText, you can put away the wall filled with pushpins and string as we’ve made it easier than ever to set up your account and get started. For added security, we introduced a new form of secure authentication via SMS. And if you’re part of an organization that’s already signed up with TigerText, we automatically populate your Contacts so you can see the profiles of co-workers in your Inbox.


Faster, Easier Sign-Up Flow


Persistent Menu bar ensures key functions are always at your fingertips.

New Tabbed Navigation Menu

One of the biggest new developments in version 4.7 (iOS) is the introduction of tabs. No, not the cola, we’re talking about our tabbed navigation menu that lets you access your TigerText Inbox, Groups, Contacts, and Settings with a single tap. No more big, clunky menus, just four easy icons to take you anywhere you want to go inside the app. And we parked it at the bottom of the screen where even the shortest thumbs can reach them.


Create Groups on the fly for instant collaboration and team communication

Set-Up and Manage Groups More Easily

Unlike hot dog vendors and magicians, most of us are company folks who belong to an organization and often work in groups. These can be long-term groups like your department or short term groups like planning a company picnic. Either way, the ability to engage in private group discussions with other members lets you work more effectively by helping coordinate efforts and reduce communication errors so you can deliver better outcomes.

With the new version of TigerText, we redesigned the Groups option, making it easier than ever for anyone on TigerText to quickly set up groups, add members, customize the profile photo, and engage in conversations.


Access multiple TigerText Inboxes from one easy dropdown menu

Toggle Quickly Between Multiple TigerText Inboxes

One of the coolest features in TigerText is the ability to hop between your TigerText accounts. While many of you have only two TigerText accounts – work and personal – a growing number of our users (e.g. physicians) belong to multiple hospital systems, each with their own TigerText instance. TigerText keeps these accounts separate and lets you navigate from one Inbox to the other. In our latest version, a persistent dropdown menu makes toggling between accounts easier than ever.


Recording and sending voice notes is as easy attaching an image.

Improved Voice Notes Option

Even Olympic-level thumbs get tired when messages are too long to type. With our new and improved voice recording functionality, you can record and attach messages in a more intuitive (read: easy) way. In the same way, you attach a photo or video to a TigerText message, the ‘Record Audio’ menu option lets you record and attach a note with only a few taps.