iOS v4.6.107 Release Notes  – June 27, 2014

Targeted Release Date Week of: July 7th, 2014

Major updates:
  • Addition of Username when viewing users in TigerText
  • Greater admin control over PIN Lock setting

Viewable Username in Profile

Many TigerText customers rely on a unique ID or username field for their employees. TigerText now honors these fields by displaying them within the application so they’re accessible for every user. Simply select ‘Conversation Settings’ when having a conversation with another user to see the username associated with that user. If a username is not part of your organization, then no name will be displayed.


Admin-Controlled Pin Lock Setting

Admin-Controlled Pin Lock Setting

Currently, when an Admin enforces a PIN Lock for his or her organization, the PIN session timeout interval is set to ‘Immediate’ within iOS devices, and users can manually set a different time interval – longer or shorter – if allowed by the organization. In the new version, the PIN Lock will adhere to the specific time interval that was determined by the Admin. Users may set a PIN the expires sooner than the Admin-established interval, but the interval may not exceed that time.