'I'm Too Busy To Learn Anything New'

Can people be too busy to learn something relevant that will actually save them time?

I have heard the phrase over and over “I’m too busy to even look at something new”, “we’re too busy with (fill in the blank)”, and “the doctors are so busy” so often that it doesn’t even phase me anymore. After some thoughtful reflection, I was unable to identify a group of professionals who are not busy. Can people be so busy that they can’t take time to learn something relevant to their business that will save time? Really?

Freeing Up Precious Time

“I am so busy collecting all of these vacation and day-off request emails and processing them one-by-one that I just don’t have time to learn about your provider request area feature,” said Sam the Scheduler. What Sam is neglecting to realize is that the Mission of Call Scheduler (now TigerConnect Physician Scheduling) is to save you time and make things easier for you as a scheduler. We would have never reached out to you unless we thought we could offer some valuable assistance.

Should we ever be too busy not to take some advice from a trusted adviser or partner and learn something new that can help us achieve our mission faster, better, or at a lower cost?

In a previous blog post by Justin Wampach, TigerConnect’s VP of Scheduling Division, Sales, he wrote, “One of the first things I “turned over” to someone else was the daily book-keeping and accounting duties. Although it was a long set-up process, looking back it was one of the best moves I made. Although I am still very involved, I do not have to perform all of the daily duties. This gives me more free time to do my job, which is selling, writing blog posts, and running the business.”

“When I look back several years, doing the accounting was a way for me to keep busy with a task that was relatively simple, gave me some sense of accomplishment and was easier than picking up the phone and trying to talk to a doctor or clinic manager who was always too busy. It was actually some form of not having to do my job because I was busy with something else,” said Wampach.

“When I look at this in contrast to an on-call physician scheduling software, I do wonder why there are so many busy doctors and administrators who take on the task of creating, updating, and communicating the physician schedule for themselves and their partners. And on top of that, when they do it by hand or with Excel, not taking advantage of software such as Call Scheduler (now TigerConnect Physician Scheduling) and if they are, do they use all of the features to gain the most value? Perhaps it is like doing a brain teaser, something to take their mind off of work, patients, families, and other “stuff” that looms in doctors’ minds,” he said.

Our Customer Success Team is always evaluating current customer groups to see what features they are using and not using in Call Scheduler (now TigerConnect Physician Scheduling). Then we like to reach out if we see an opportunity to save them some time. It’s never about trying to upsell a customer, they are already a member of our service, we’re just doing it to help people get more value.

Key Takeaway: Maybe you are too busy NOT to look at something you’re not using to its fullest extent.

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