Happy Nurses Week From TigerConnect

Happy Nurses Week From TigerConnect

It’s no secret that two-thirds of care providers in the United States are nurses and that if you are in this group of care providers, you have one of the most difficult yet essential jobs in healthcare. To help celebrate Nurses Week and recognize the excellent work that all of you do every day (and night), we wanted to take a moment here at TigerConnect to say “Thank You” and to reflect on this year’s theme: “Nurses Inspire, Innovate, and Influence.”

While it is true that you Influence and Inspire your patients, your peers, and other caregivers, how well you are able to do this depends on how effectively you communicate and coordinate the care you give. Among the 3,000,000 practicing nurses in the United States, a good percentage of you are simply not provided with the tools needed to communicate and collaborate effectively. There is a fragmentation of providers, data silos, and a lack of transparency which you have to combat on a daily basis, to not only safely deliver care, but to educate patients and their loved ones so that they can safely care for themselves. Add outdated systems and practices to that fragmentation, and your ability to influence diminishes, your inspiration replaced with toil.

To overcome these barriers and deliver on the promise of safe and efficient care, you must rely on the other part of this year’s theme: Innovate. TigerConnect’s clinical communication and collaboration platform is one innovative tool that can make the lives of nurses easier and more productive. By facilitating better team communication and integrating with existing systems like nurse call, scheduling, lab results, and yes, even the EHR, you can lead the charge of innovation for you care teams. Your Influence can lead to greater adoption of modern clinical communication processes, and your improved outcomes will inspire your peers in other departments and other organizations. Most importantly, you can get back to the purpose behind why you became a nurse in the first place: providing excellent care to your patients and their loved ones.

So, from all of us here at TigerConnect, thank you for everything you do. Your Influence is felt here every day as you Inspire us to Innovate ways to make your lives better.

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