Wishing everyone a happy Match Day 2016!

03.18.16 TigerConnect Healthcare
Wishing everyone a happy Match Day 2016!

To all the future healers - our heartfelt gratitude and congratulations on Match Day.

All of us here at TigerText would like to congratulate the future doctors who just completed a big step today on the journey to practicing medicine: at last you received your match results for residency. It has surely been stressful at times over the past few months, but finally you’ve crossed the finish line. We wish you the best as you prepare for your programs, wherever you are headed.

For our part, we hope your careers are filled with effective care team communication, because that is our specialty. To learn how care team communication can be as simple as texting while still ensuring patient information is secure, check out a video about TigerText or browse our product features.

Our hats are off to everyone with match letters in hand today, great work! Thanks for putting in long hours of study and many years of preparation. Patient care is just around the corner.