Get Out of (Re)Publishing your On-Call Calendar!

6 Advantages of using a MicroSite for On-Call Schedules

When was the last time you fielded questions like these:

    • How do I read this Schedule?
    • What do the colored boxes and symbols mean?
    • What part of this is the on-call schedule? Is it the most current one?
    • Can I get a simpler version into my Outlook or SmartPhone?

Schedulers are used to making frequent changes, then printing/faxing/emailing the updates. They may even make a few simpler “custom views” containing only certain information to send to some people. Many schedulers simply consider this “part of the service,” and may not be aware of how much time this repetition and customization takes.

    • But EVERYONE is aware of the stress and consequences of the wrong information being communicated and used!
    • Providers, front desk, and after-hours service need easy access to accurate calendars.

Schedulers need to get out of the print-and-repeat business!

Both goals can be easily accomplished when the calendar views are securely online. How? Organize your schedules into a single online location with a TigerConnect Physician Scheduling MicroSite. This small web page contains certain information regarding your schedules and can be accessed with your Intranet.

6 Advantages of using a TigerConnect Physician Scheduling MicroSite:

1. Accuracy

    • Each department builds and maintains its own schedule for accountability.
    • Changes are “live”, so are immediately updated online.

2. Timeliness

    • Providers and Staff can view (and print) current on-line calendars at any time.
    • Each calendar is time-stamped, so if printed you know how outdated it is.

3. Standardized

    • Calendars have a standard layout and can have only certain jobs appear on them.
    • A “Master Calendar” for all groups can be created and posted for viewing.

4. Centralized

    • Central reference for announcements regarding calendar issues, announcements, and deadlines.
    • Centralized location for Providers to login and make Provider Requests for vacation, swaps, and the like.

5. View-Only

    • View-only access for front desk, call-center personnel, and after-hour services.
    • View-only access for outside “data-targets” whom you currently or email calendars (such as other clinics or hospitals).
    • Quick-view access for providers from home or office.

6. Portable

    • Providers’ personal calendars can be imported into Google, Outlook, and SmartPhones via an iCal subscription link.

For a better idea of what it costs to better create, change, and communicate the on-call-schedule, check out our TigerConnect Physician Scheduling demo.


TigerConnect Physician Scheduling: Automated On-Call Scheduling Software

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