Ensuring Successful Covid Vaccine Communication

Ensuring Successful Covid Vaccine Communication

Effective Patient Communication Leads to Better Outcomes

Covid-19 vaccinations are the most powerful resource we have for mitigating the devastating effects of the pandemic. The underlying concern, however, is that vaccine benefits are 100 percent reliant on society’s support; health systems cannot intervene without the public’s participation.

This is where vaccine communication comes into play.

As we move into the next phase of vaccine management, we’ve outlined key challenges around communication, instructions, appointment schedules, patient questions, and adverse events, along with the right tools to resolve them.

Covid-19 Vaccination Patient Coordination

Download our guide to find out how to use TigerConnect Patient Engagement for patient vaccination adherence as well as supply logistics, adverse event monitoring, and management of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Patient Vaccination Coordination Datasheet

Vaccine Communication Challenges

  • Sharing comprehensive vaccine information
  • Managing team collaboration and workflows
  • Planning for potential care hurdles and roadblocks

Building confidence and knowledge through proper vaccine communication will have the strongest impact on vaccination success. Concise, convenient communication between patients and caregivers will streamline and bolster vaccination endeavors.

It’s critical to guide your care team’s communication throughout the vaccination process, ensuring an optimized experience for everyone. Effective communication relies on good collaboration, communication transparency, and convenience for all parties. Having a strong communication solution will innately provide the tools you’ll need.

Below, we recommend a few key features to look out for in an effective collaboration solution. They are:

  • Broadcast Messaging
  • File Attachments
  • Scheduled Messages
  • Group and Patient Messaging
  • Virtual Care

These features are developed to deliver better vaccine communication, inform patient populations, and promote vaccination guidelines.

Broadcast Messaging

Notifying patient populations about vaccine availability and updates is made easier through broadcast messaging. Having broadcast lists built out allows providers to clarify common safety concerns that patients may have but don’t think to ask.

With broadcast messaging, providers can communicate with specific groups of patients or their entire patient population. Sending messages to your entire organization or within sub-groups using admin-configured distribution lists can help share important vaccination information instantly and confidentially.

File Attachments

Send file attachments and documents relevant to the vaccination process to large groups of patients at once. These can also include pre-appointment information and reminders, as well as pre-visit instructions, a map of the appropriate facilities, and more.

Through secure file attachment, clinicians may safely exchange visual media like MRIs, ECGs, X-rays, CT scans, and lab results related to a patient’s condition. This instant exchange of data allows clinicians to quickly analyze patient data and respond faster in critical situations.

Scheduled Messages

Sending appointment reminders as a patient’s vaccination date approaches is a smart way to ensure vaccination transparency. TigerConnect Patient Engagement delivers scheduled messaging for automated messages, sent in advance to patients and their families to keep them in the loop.

Schedule reminders for patients a few days ahead of their appointment to confirm their vaccination visit. This may also include providing any facts, questions, or guidance regarding a patient’s appointment or the vaccine.

Group and Patient Messaging

Addressing patient questions via secure text opens the line of communication with patients before and after vaccine administration. It’s also beneficial to involve the patient’s family and caregivers to discuss vaccine administration.

Some patients may rely on family, caregivers, or other providers to confirm that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe for them. Starting a group message with care teams to answer any questions and share relevant appointment information will ensure a better patient experience.

TigerConnect Patient Engagement (Virtual Care)

We developed and launched TigerConnect Patient Engagement in order to support our clients by providing a safe, efficient way for them to reach their patient populations. TigerConnect Patient Engagement clients use the platform to support their vaccination efforts, a tremendous demonstration of the need for secure, easy-to-use virtual care technology to deliver care at such an urgent time.

TigerConnect Patient Engagement Vaccine Support

  • Share critical vaccine safety information
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Discuss vaccine Q+As with patients and their families
  • Easily follow up with large patient cohorts regarding their second dose appointments

TigerConnect’s care team collaboration features have long been used to find the right person at the right time, activate emergency teams with the touch of a button, and share mass communications across entire facilities or health systems.

These features continue to prove their value by driving critical Covid-19 vaccine workflows. Many of our clients are continuing to find new Covid-19 vaccine-specific use cases.

Vaccine Use Cases

  • Vaccine Distribution & Management 24/7 On-Call Role
  • Patient Appointments Updates & Admin On-Call Role
  • Vaccine Rapid Response & Adverse Event Teams
  • Covid-19 Leadership Team

TigerConnect Patient Engagement provides easy-to-use tools that allow care team members and administrators to reach out to individual patients, groups of patients as needed, or with scheduled and templated messages. This flexibility and ease of use have enabled clients of all sizes to launch their patient vaccine outreach efforts even before having any vaccines on site. As the general population begins to get vaccinated, TigerConnect Patient Engagement will be at the forefront of these critical efforts.

Final Thoughts

TigerConnect is committed to providing secure care team collaboration and patient engagement tools that drive efficiencies and improve patient care.

Will O’Connor, M.D. is the Chief Medical Information Officer at TigerConnect. As a physician executive with more than 20 years of healthcare experience, Will is a passionate advocate for rapid advancement across the healthcare industry.

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