'Doc, I Need Help Now!' Accelerating Wound Care Diagnosis with TigerText

Most people know TigerText is great for sending ePHI on the go, but it’s also great for accelerating wound care diagnosis.

Using TigerText, physicians and nurses can not only quickly and securely send a description of a wound to a physician, but they can also send an image of the wound in real-time. With image sharing capabilities, nurses and physicians can accurately assess a patient’s condition and confirm diagnosis faster. In addition to sending wound images, patient forms and attachments can also be sent via TigerText enabling for even quicker physician approvals.

The result, less waiting times and happier patients.

Several facilities are already using TigerText for these very purposes. For example, Dina Melhuish, a data specialist at Memorial Hospital of Gulf Port, shares how image sharing within TigerText helped speed up internal approval processes.

“For wound care, when we’re waiting for a piece of equipment or forms to be signed, we used to have to go search for a doctor to sign the forms,” said Melhuish. “Now, I send the document to be signed through TigerText, and they sign it and send it back to me. It speeds up the process by two days. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s the way of the future.”

Using TigerText for wound care diagnosis also provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced Medical Information Error – There’s no need to worry about forgetting what a wound looked like. With TigerText, you can see the image directly on your device.
  • Improved Response Rates – Prevent treatment delays by communicating with your colleagues faster. With TigerText, 95% of responses are answered in 60 seconds or less!
  • Decreased Patient Wait Times – Quickly assess a patient’s condition and confirm diagnosis faster, helping to decrease patient wait times.
  • Confirmed Message Delivery – With “delivered” and “read” receipts, clinicians can rest assured their image has been sent and received.

Wound Care Benefits

To read the full use case on how clinicians are accelerating wound care diagnosis using TigerText, click here.