DeVero Launches the First Integrated Secure Communications Solution Designed for the Home Health Market

DeVero Launches the First Integrated Secure Communications Solution Designed for the Home Health Market

Recently, DeVero COO, Joe Randesi, sat down with TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard’s Director of Business Development, Jonathan Lyons, to learn more about the new DeVero solution and the value of messaging to the healthcare at home community.

Jonathan: Can you tell us a little bit about DeVero and the healthcare customers you serve?

Joe: DeVero provides an application to collect and manage patient data, targeted at the care at-home market. We’ve approached the market differently than most and believe in order to be successful in healthcare, you must provide a secure and highly scalable solution that can adapt to clients’ needs. With that thinking in mind, we’ve built a cloud-native platform that can essentially support any type of healthcare clinical charting and data management. We’re well-known for our solutions in the home healthcare and hospice markets, but increasingly we’re getting exposed to other types of care and today even service payers and government organizations.

We’re also based in Silicon Valley and were founded by both tech and healthcare experts, which has helped DeVero create innovative solutions to common business challenges.

Jonathan: Providing healthcare at home is increasingly important to lower costs and also improve the patient experience. What are some of the challenges your customers face in delivering care at home?

Joe: A big challenge our customers face is keeping up with market trends and ongoing changes to rules and regulations. In the care at-home market, our customers need to adapt their business with a focus on the future of healthcare to survive and run a sustainable care organization. The quicker and more efficient they can navigate their operation to handle change – whether it be regulatory, launching of new services, or absorbing acquisitions – the more opportunity and flexibility they will have.

Another challenge our customers face is real-time access to the care team and access to patient data at the bedside. It’s crucial that caregivers are equipped with the right tools to do their jobs well, and tools like software should not be a hindrance or take time and energy away from focusing on the patient. We’ve focused on this when building our platform and continue to do so with secure messaging, which is why we integrated TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard directly into the application to provide a seamless and simple experience.

Jonathan: Apart from helping you address some of these challenges, what opportunities does secure messaging create for your customers?

Joe: Messaging within the EHR unlocks cost savings by streamlining workflows and communication so teams can respond quickly when needed, and with the right information. In-home health, there can be hours or even days of lost productivity because of a lack of coordination and communication. As we all know, improving patient care and response time leads to higher patient satisfaction which helps reimbursement rates and attracts more customers to your agency. The combined solution will pay for itself over time.

Jonathan: Many of our technology integration partners go through a process of evaluating whether to leverage the existing TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard developer platform or to hire out an engineering team to build a solution from scratch. What were some of the key reasons you selected TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard as a partner?

Joe: To build a messaging service ourselves would have taken months or longer and we wanted to go to market much sooner. When we engaged TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard and learned about their integration capabilities, we thought it was a perfect fit. It is also a key emphasis of ours to partner with industry leaders, and TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard is just that.

Jonathan: You’ve been talking with your customers about the integration for only a couple months now – how have they responded so far to this new solution?

Joe: It was like viral adoption once we made the solution available to our customers. A majority of our customers have participated in webinars showing there are interest and a need, and so far we’ve been able to convert a large percentage of them to active users of secure messaging.

Jonathan: Given that you’re based in Silicon Valley, you clearly have an eye for innovation. Can you talk a little bit about what you see as the future of Secure Messaging at DeVero?

Joe: Because of the way we’ve built the integration, we feel we can continue to build workflows and automated messaging throughout the application. Users typically think of messaging as a manual process with a manual response. We think a powerful version of messaging is much more proactive – relying on application business rules and triggers to drive communication. This would create true transparency within the care setting and eliminate tasks for caregivers so they can spend more time focusing on the patient.

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